Choral Book 10 (Condensed Score)

Alle Instr.

These Chorals are chiefly intended as intonation studies. Each Key has its own tuning problems. The chorals can be played both in 3 parts and in 4 parts. They are also outstandingly suitable as a playing-in piece for full orchestra. Books 1, 2, 3 and 9 can be used separately for group lessons. Book 9 is exclusively intended for group study and is not suitable for use in connection with orchestras. Book 1: Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola Book 2: Bb Clarinet, Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Bugel, Sopr. Saxophone Book 3: Alto Saxophone, Eb Horn, Alto Clarinet Book 4:Tenor Saxophone, Trombone Bb Treble Clef, Bb Bass Treble Clef, Baritone-Euphonium Bb Treble Clef Book 5: Trombone Bb Bass Clef, Baritone-Euphonium Bb Bass Clef, Bb Bass Bas Clef. Book 6: Trombone C, Bassoon, Basses (Tuba) C, Violoncello, Stringbass Book 7: Eb Clarinet, Eb Cornet, Eb Flügelhorn, Eb Bass Treble Clef and Bass Clef, Baritone-Saxophone Book 8: F Horn, Cor Anglais Book 9: Trombone Bb Bass Clef, Baritone Bass Clef, Bassoon, Violoncello (not in combination with the other books) Book 10: Piano, Organ, Conductor Score

Kees Vlak
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Orchestra and Education/Original Compositions/Slow Movements
Complete set: 10.12
Article number: 090102610
Level: 1
Available: yes

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