Rainforest Concerto

Solo for 2 Trombones and Concert Band

Door Saskia Apon type 24 en thema Solo and Band/Original Compositions

Rainforest Concerto has been commissioned by the Brass Band Rijnmond. This double concerto for two trombones and wind band consists of three parts with the cadenza in the slow niddle movement. Saskia Apon was inspired by the threat of the destruction of the rainforest. In the first part, Creation, we hear an accelerated reproduction of the birth of this impressive natural phenomenon. We hear the first birds, we see the growth of the mangrove trees and we witness the struggle for light and the force necessary to keep the realized equilibrium in a perpetual balance. The second part, Ode, is a tribute to the wonder and splendour of the rainforest. By means of subtle and extremely delicate sonorities we hear how nature adds an inestimable value to the rainforest. However it is also extremely fragile and this engenders a certain melancholy due to the awareness of man’s impotence to respect this beautiful nature. In the last part, Contra Demolition, we hear the threatening decline, but also the revolt against this possible ruin. It is a heartfelt cry to leave nuture in peace and to work hard for the preservation of the beauty and the value of the rainforest.

Saskia Apon
Solo and Band/Original Compositions
Complete set: 300.53
Score: 42.11
Article number: 012796110
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 1081
Available: yes