Stones and Sea

Symphony No. 1

Door Saül Gómez Soler type 18 en thema Original Compositions

Available from January 2022

The Mediterranean coast is one of the most important treasures and distinguishing features that we have as a people.

Stones and water, as elements themselves, symbolise the essence of this invaluable legacy, made up of landscapes that have witnessed our history over the centuries and the formation of our culture.
This piece of music is a tribute to our natural areas, indissolubly connected to our Mediterranean Sea, and in particular to the Serra Gelada mountain, located on the coast of Alicante.

The remains of the earliest civilisations, the native land and marine fauna and flora and the charming reflections and shadows illuminating our blue Mediterranean Sea with multiple colour-schemes at nights by the sea are the different elements that will appear throughout the composition.

Finally, the impact the human action has caused to all this natural environment seriously endangers the survival of all this natural wealth and a part of our identity/essence. Stones and water try to give a warning sign for the urgent need to redirect the relationship between the human being and the nature.

The Serra Gelada Natural Park must live on for the future generations with all its history and wealth.

Download the electronic sounds (Far de l'Albir):

electronic sounds (Far de l'Albir)

Saül Gómez Soler
Original Compositions
Complete set: 272.50
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Article number: 013694080
Difficulty: 6
Duration: 1380
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