Weekend in the City

Solo with Piano Accompaniment

"Weekend in the City" was originally composed for solo Tuba and band in 2014. Composed in three movements, "Sunday in the Park", "Nocturne" and "And Weekdays Come Again.". The original band accompaniment version was premiered on June 21st, and this piano accompaniment version was premiered on July 27th, both by commissioner Yosuke Moriyama. Solo for Piano and Bass Tuba in C, Bb and Eb (High range), Oboe, Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet. Hoorn in F other instruments available on article number 060931060

Naoya Wada
1 Piano - 1 Oboe - 1 Clarinet Solo - 1 Tenor Saxophone - 1 Horn F - 1 Bas Bb (TC) - 1 Bas Bb (BC) - 1 Bas Eb (TC) - 1 Bas Eb (BC) - 1 Tuba C
Original Compositions
Complete set: 30.52
Article number: 060931050
Level: 4
Duration: 470
Available: yes

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