Concerto for Trumpet part 1

Solo for Trumpet and Band

Door Alfred Reed type 24 en thema Solo and Band

The five movements of this concerto, each, by design, in a different musical style, and requiring the soloist to perform on the three main soprano bass instruments: Trumpet, Cornet and Fluegelhorn, were written to demonstrate the modern trumpeter's ability to negotiate and produce a convincing interpretation in five different musical styles. The first movement, ‘Sonata’ is cast in a typical neo classical mode, calling the soloist to perform on the Trumpet; the second, ‘Slow Blues’ calls for Fluegelhorn; the third, ‘Jazz Waltz’, calls for Cornet; the fourth; ‘Song’, a modern setting of an old Taiwanese folksong, calls for Trumpet again; and the fifth, ‘Samba’, concludes the work with a brilliant outburst of Latin American rhythms and colors.

Alfred Reed
Solo and Band
Complete set: 106.91
Score: 19.06
Article number: 012477060
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 493
Available: yes