You Know Him Well

Uit: The Young Messiah (English)

Door Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Tom Parker type 30 en thema Sacred Music

Bekend geworden door de geweldige vertolking van Vicky Brown en Madeline Bell. Someone please tell me tell me-oh tell. Has love inspired me, you know him well. Has love Inspired me, you know him well. These strangest feelings can it be true. Can’t understanding trilling and new. Feelings of longing I can’t explain, Feelings of pleasure feelings of pain, One Momenvt frozen, then all aflame, Suddenly I’m shiv’ring all through my frame. Something is missing, what can it be? Is it so far away or inside of me? Without a reason I start to cry. Then I am laughing not knowing why. It’s never ending each night and day. Where did it come from? I can not say. Has love inspired me, you know him well.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Tom Parker
Sacred Music
Complete set: 37.81
Article number: 130892070
Difficulty: 2
Duration: 200
Available: yes