Millipede Dance

The Millipede Dance Have you ever studied a Millipede and being impressed by the fantastic syncronisation in it's feets. Or have you been waiting anxious to see if it would stumble in it's own feets. Think if a band could learn from studying the Millipede's feets, and a Millipede dance! This piece will get Millipede's in all kinds of shapes to take some short swinging steps back into the limelight. The Millipede Dance is comissioned by The Norwegian Band Federation and supported by the Arts Council Norway. Helge Sunde I was born 9.6.1965, and started imideately to make strange sounds, something I continued doing during my childhood days in Stryn, from the age of 8 mostly through pieces of metal and most of the time on a trombone. So, one thing led to another and I ended up with a master degree in composition from The NorwegianStateAcademy of Music (1995), after studying with Olav Anton Thommessen, Bjørn Kruse, Lasse Thoresen og Alfred Janson a.o. Nowadays I am the devoted leader of the jazzensemble 'Norske Store'

Helge Sunde
Complete set: 115.00
Article number: 7715000000793
Level: 5
Duration: 285
Available: yes

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