Gjendines dance .. and Lullaby

Door Edvard Grieg Svein H. Giske type 18 en thema

Gjendine's Dance … and lullaby Most of her life, Gjendine spent in Jotunheimen area, basically at Gjendebu, Skogadalsboen and Spiterstulen. She met the famous Edvard Grieg , first time in the mountains in 1891, and influated his artistic work a lot. In his opus 66 you find many themes from Gjendine's songs, and the last piece in the collection is 'Gjendines vuggesang'. This tune she sang to her niece while Grieg was fascinated by this tune. Gjendine died in 1972, in her 101. year. Svein H. Giske comes from the city of Aalesund in Norway. He has studied at The Grieg Academy in Bergen and have been playing trumpet in The Norwegian Army Band, Bergen since 1996. Giske have composed and arranged a lot of music, most for brass band, concert band and other kinds of windensembles

Edvard Grieg
Svein H. Giske
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