Sound Factory

The Soundfactory Commissioned by The Norwegian Band Federation to the serie 'Frisk Pust'. Premiered by Skjold Skolekorps with Irene Graven as conductor. Knut Vaage Knut Vaage, born 1961, lives in Bergen where he works full-time as a composer. He graduated as pianist, teacher and composer from the Music Conservatory in Bergen. He received a professional certificate as a lecturer in composition from The Norwegian Academy of Music. Since 1983 Knut Vaage has worked freelance in many different styles of music, though concentrating on improvised and contemporary music. Many of Vaage's projects have investigated the boundaries between improvisation and composed music; a number of improvisations have been released on CD by the trio JKL. Info: MIC

Knut Vaage
Complete set: 88.29
Article number: 7715000000789
Level: 4
Duration: 275
Available: yes

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