One for my Baby

One for my Baby… Some melodies make it out of the context it originally was made for. The Musical 'The Sky's the Limit' was screened (in 1943) with Fred Astaire in the lead role. Frank Sinatra lifted this song with a lot of different versions on different records from 1947 until his album 'Duets' (1993) where Kenny G joined in with him on this melody. It is a peculiar melody on 48 bars (not 32) and with a key change in the middle that you would not expect in a popular tune at the time. But still it became very popular and a few of the artists that have recorded this song is Perry Como, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Marlene Dietrich, Nana Mouskouri, Tony Bennett, Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Robbie Williams and Bette Midler. It appear also in several movies like Good Night and Good Luck (2005) and Invincible (2006). To The Conductor NB! The arrangement is made for an extended Big Band instrumentation, but all instrument groups can participate. Piano/guitar can be left out. There is also a doubled bass line to use if no string bass is available. Tuba and euphonium is originally not in the arrangement, so please be careful where you add these instruments, or leave those out on this piece. Lars Erik Gudim (b. 25.12.65) is a tromboneplayer, composer, arranger and a band-leader from Sarpsborg in Norway. He has conducted and arranged for the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Symphony-orchestras, The EBU big band, Bergen Big Band, Oslo Groove Company, and for TV shows. From 2003 he has been the staff arranger for all the five proffessional military bands in Norway

Harry Arlen
Lars Erik Gudim
Complete set: 115.00
Article number: 7715000000807
Level: 4
Duration: 350
Available: yes

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