He is a Tramp

Door Peggy Lee Lars Erik Gudim type 18 en thema

He's a Tramp Lady and the Tramp is one of Walt Disney's most popular animated films ever. Created in 1955, but revised many times later it still spellbound children an adults. This was the first animated movie in wide screen format. The movie is based on a novel by Ward Greene 'Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog', but the storyboard were altered several times before it premiered. It is 'Lady', a cute cocker spaniel, that sings her song 'What a Dog/He's a Tramp' abut the dog she have met and fallen in love with. It is also a culture conflict and she envy and romantics his freedom. To the conductor The arrangement sounds better with a string bass, but there are also a bass part that can be played by tubas. There are different solo options. In addition to the Vocal solo there are written melody lines for Bb, C (in bass clef) Eb and F instruments. We have also published the song Bella Notte, which also is both the title melody and will always be connected to the romantic spaghetti scene. Lars Erik Gudim (b. 25.12.65) is a tromboneplayer, composer, arranger and a band-leader from Sarpsborg in Norway. He has conducted and arranged for the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Symphony-orchestras, The EBU big band, Bergen Big Band, Oslo Groove Company, and for TV shows. From 2003 he has been the staff arranger for all the five proffessional military bands in Norway

Peggy Lee
Lars Erik Gudim
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