Norwegian Rhapsody No.1

Door Johan Svendsen Bjorn Mellemberg type 18 en thema

Norsk Rhapsody No 1 Johan Svendsen wrote 4 Norwegian Rhapsodies between 1876-1877. They are all built on Norwegian folk songs. In his firs Rhapsody he uses a 'Halling' for opening and ending and in the middle he uses the theme from 'Astrid my Astrid' in the slow middle part of the piece. Johan Severin Svendsen (1840-1911) Johan Svendsen was the first great Norwegian symphonic composer, as well as one of the leading conductors of his day. Next to Edvard Grieg, he was the most prominent figure in Norwegian music life at the end of the 1800s. Although he came from humble beginnings in Christiania (now Oslo), he was to become a cosmopolitan who felt at home al over Europe. Svendsen spent most of his adult life abroad, living in Copenhagen for almost 30 years. Nonetheless he retained contact with Norway throughout these years and was a frequent and popular guest in his native country. Bjørn Mellemberg As composer and arranger for the Norwegian Defence forces bands, Mellembergs contribution to a long tradition is well being taken care of. The compositions and arrangements of Mellemberg is well recognised for both amateur bands and professional military bands in Norway. His skills made him both manager and conductor for the band. He also gives lectures in methods, ensemble and conducting at the norwegian State academy of music. He is a well-recommended censor in major national and regional music competitions.

Johan Svendsen
Bjorn Mellemberg
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