A Shepherd-girl's Sunday

Door Ole Bull Kjell Martinsen type 18 en thema

Ole Bull Was a great Norwegian violinist and well-known virtuoso, compared with Paganini, and he gave concerts all over the world. He was also composer, and 'Sæterjentens søndag (The Shepherd-girls Sunday)' from 1874 is one of his famous pieces for vocal and piano. He brought folk-music into the concert-halls and gave very often concerts together with folk-musicans(harding-fiddlers). He also founded the first theater, The National Scene in Bergen in 1850 and he lead it together with our great poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. Kjell Martinsen Since 1965 his employment has been as a french horn player in the Staff Band of The Norwegian Defence Forces in Oslo. Behind this, he played 6 years in theatre and in long terms in The Norwegian Opera. Played in The Oslo Brass Quintet for 25 years and take part in a lot of recording in studios. He was conductor for The Eastern Region Band in Halden 1983-85 and 1988-90. From 1998 to 2006 he was conductor for The Band of H.M. the Kings Guards in Oslo. Since 1985 he gives lectures in methods, ensemble and band managements at The Norwegian State Academy of Music and he has guest conducting in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and England. He is a well-recommended censor in major national and regional music competition.

Ole Bull
Kjell Martinsen
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