Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Door Fasmer Dahl John A. Brakstad type 18 en thema

Pilgrimage to Bethlehem This Norwegian song tells that every Christmas-eve people all over the world make a spiritual pilgrimage to Betlehem. To the conductor There are doublings and cuenotes in many parts, so even small ensembles can make it sound right. John Brakstad Born in Bergen, Norway in 1940. John Brakstad gained much of his muiscal experience as bandmaster, composer and arranger for the Salvation Army, and from studies at the Bergen Musikk-konservatorium. He has also been working as a conductor for several Norwegian 'Contest bands', and is regurlarly used as an adjudicator at The Norwegian Bandassociation's contests and championships.

Fasmer Dahl
John A. Brakstad
Complete set: 81.21
Article number: 7715000000799
Difficulty: 2
Duration: 175
Available: yes