Gospel John

Door Steinberg Idar Torskangerpoll type 18 en thema

Gospel John is one of Maynard Fergusons biggest hits Maynard Ferguson (1928-2006) was the Canadian Trumpeter that was well known for his enormous high range. Maynards solo in the opening of this tune is a classic, in this arrangement it is somewhat shorter, but one can of course play the whole. In that case: listen to the song on the album 'Chameleon' from 1974 (and Good Luck!) Idar Torskangerpoll (1970) Idar was born in a small village called Torskangerpoll in the western part of Norway. He grew up in a family where everyone played in the local wind-band. Idar attended the Universities of Trondheim and Oslo, where he studied composition on Master-degree level. His production spans from music for beginning band via chamber-music pieces to symphonies for band and solo-concertos. Idar is also active as conductor for bands all over Norway, and as a lecturer and teacher on courses arranged by the Norwegian Band Federation. All of Idar's published works are available from Norsk Noteservice as

Idar Torskangerpoll
Complete set: 45.24
Article number: 771561027263
Difficulty: 4
Duration: 315
Available: yes