Summer times

Door Per Gessle Idar Torskangerpoll type 18 en thema

Sommartider (Summertimes) was a hit with band 'Gyllene Tider' first released on their album 'Modern Times' in 1981 'Gyllene Tider' was a famous Swedish pop group. The name 'Gyllene Tider' means 'Golden ages' or 'Golden times' in English. Few Scandinavians would not recognize the band's most famous song 'Sommartider', often played on the radio during late spring and early summer. The band is well-known for its catchy choruses and light-weight lyrics about summer and life in a small town, and they have been described as a Swedish equivalent of the Beach Boys. Per Gessle, the composer of this song, had later big success over the whole world with his new group 'Roxette'. Idar Torskangerpoll (1970) Idar was born in a small village called Torskangerpoll in the western part of Norway. He grew up in a family where everyone played in the local wind-band. Idar attended the Universities of Trondheim and Oslo, where he studied composition on Master-degree level. His production spans from music for beginning band via chamber-music pieces to symphonies for band and solo-concertos. Idar is also active as conductor for bands all over Norway, and as a lecturer and teacher on courses arranged by the Norwegian Band Federation. All of Idar's published works are available from Norsk Noteservice.

Per Gessle
Idar Torskangerpoll
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