Blue Hawaii

Door Harry Johansson type 18 en thema

Blue Hawaii A sweet memory from my childhood was when my mother took me along to the local bar where there where a lot of nice uncles. It was called 'Blue Hawaii' and was painted with nice palm trees and sandy beaches. When the group 'Vikingarna' recorded their monster hit 'To my own Blue Hawaii' I felt as it was dedicated to me and my mother. As well as reaching no. 1 on the charts in Sweden in '89 it has filled the dance-floors in Norway and Germany for years as well. The saxophones are essential to get the 'original sound' and may be used on part 1, 2 and part 5. Thank you Christer! Harry

Harry Johansson
Complete set: 81.21
Article number: 7715000000804
Difficulty: 3
Duration: 170
Available: yes