Mr. Fatman

Mr. Fatman My mother was slimming all her life. She ate her 'surströmning', drank beer at her local pub and slimmed. For 14 years I was dragged along to the gym with old women from the town. She made me wear weird gymsneakers and eat carrots. These horrible pictures followed me all the way into the nineties, but finally fainted away. Then do what happend? The Norwegian band Ole Ivars released a CD with this song!! I immediately had to start in therapy and my coach recommended me writing the song over and over again. Harry William Kristoffersen (1951) is one of the most popular songwriters in Norway, and have numerous number one hits. He is educated as a music teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Harry Johansson
Complete set: 81.21
Article number: 7715000000806
Level: 3
Duration: 145
Available: yes

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