We are the champions

Door Freddie Mercury Haakon Esplo type 18 en thema

We are the Champions One of the big hits of the 70's from the popgroup Queen. The song became, and still is, very popular. People almost expect to hear the tune at sportevents. Haakon Esplo, b 1970, has his background from the Norwegian Academy of Music and has specialized in musicperformance. He has many years of experience as a musician, conductor and arranger and is now working full time producing consertprojects for bands and orchestras. To the Conductor Even if the arrangement sounds good as it is, you can get even more out of it with piano played at the soft parts. Therefor an fully written pianopart is included. If you intend to use elguitar, power cords fuzz should give the right sound.

Freddie Mercury
Haakon Esplo
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Difficulty: 3
Duration: 195
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