I Believe in Angels

Door Øystein Heimdal type 18 en thema

I Believe in Angels This song was written for the swedish singer Kicki Danielsson, and have become one of the most popular songs in Scandinavia. William Kristoffersen (1951) is one of the most popular songwriters in Norway, and have numerous number one hits. He is educated as a music teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Øystein Sjøvaag Heimdal (1972) Øystein holds a Master of Arts from the University of Oslo, where he worked extensively on composing, and mainly arrangements of pop and rock music for concert bands. In addition to his writing, Øystein also practices music both as performing trumpeter, conductor and teacher. He has conducted young bands, concert bands and big bands, as well as writing music for these ensembles.

Øystein Heimdal
Complete set: 81.21
Article number: 7715000000805
Difficulty: 3
Duration: 200
Available: yes