Lilly the Pink

Lilly the Pink The british group The Scaffolds had a big hit with this Irish song in the sixties. To the conductor It is nice if the articulation will be different for the ones with the melody line opposite to the rhythmic accompaniment. Look out for balance. The saxophones can be used on any parts to help a line to be heard. Bjørn Morten Kjærnes (b 1952) is one of Norway's most published wind band composer and arranger. Starting out as a 7-year-old Euphonium player (and later,trombone) in a local school band, he has learned this instrumentation from the inside and as an arranger, composer and conductor he has been working with wind bands all his life. The first education was to be a music teacher, but then composing and arranging became more important and led to composition studies at the Music Academy of Oslo. As a composer he is inspired by an aural based serialism, and with a strong influence of jazz, many of the pieces have mild dissonances and tonal centrums. Some of this can also be heard in some of his arrangements. Children's experience of music has always been important to Kjærnes and working as a teacher, and later headmaster of a music school led to developing many of the flexible instrumentations that today are published. Today he is working as the editor of wind/brass band edition of Norsk Noteservice AS and as a conductor. As the leader, for many years, of the Norwegian Band Federations adjudicating committee, he is also much used as a guest conductor and adjudicator in local and national competitions.

Bjørn Morten Kjærnes
Complete set: 65.95
Article number: 7715000000821
Level: 3
Duration: 130
Available: yes

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