Six-Up Vol.1

6 part flex with optional percussion version

SIX-UP is the new collection with both classical and pop music, all arranged by Donald Furlano. The 6 voices scoring allows them to be played starting from a minimum of 6 players. Really a brass quartet, plus Clarinet and Alto Sax: an ensemble with extraordinary sound richness. This formation can be easily expanded up to the full band, with optional percussion. At present 3 volumes are available and each volume includes 4 titles.
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Entertainer - Scott Joplin, Jesu joy of man's desire - J. S. Bach, Pavane - Gabriel Fauré
1. Score - 1. Part 1 in Bb Bb Clarinet - 1. Part 2 in Eb Alto Sax - 1. Part 3 in Bb Bb Trumpet 1 - 1. Part 4 in Bb Bb Trumpet 2 - 1. Part 5 in C C Trombone - 1. Part 6 in C C Bass - 1. Drum Set

Donald Furlano
Complete set: 41.96
Article number: 7724000001270
Level: 3
Duration: 600
Available: yes

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