The IIV7I Progression

Jamey Aebersold - Play Along - Vol.003

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Beginning/Intermediate. The most important musical sequence in modern jazz! Contains all the needed scales and chords to each CD track and all are written in the staff. Contains 120 written patterns (transposed for all instruments) and 3 full pages of piano voicings that correspond to the CD. Contains a Scale Syllabus which allows you to find and use various substitute scales, just like professional musicians. CD contains 4 tracks of Jamey playing exercises in a ""call and response"" fashion over an extended ii/V7/I progression that stays in one key at a comfortable tempo. Allows you to practice major, minor, dom. 7th, diminshed, whole tone, half-diminished, Lydian and dim. whole tone scales and chords. Suggested Prerequisites: Volumes 2 & 1 Includes: -ii/V7/I All Major Keys -G Minor Blues -Bebop Tune -V7+9/I All Keys -ii/V7/I In Three Keys -F Blues With 8-Bar Bridge -II/V7 Random Progressions -ii /V7+9/I All Minor Keys

Real Big Band Sound
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