Memorials in F.F.

Door Paul Voet type 18 en thema

1914 – 1918; World War I. Thousands of soldiers from the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, France, Belgium and other countries from the allied forces are fighting in a senseless trench war in 'Flanders Fields'. againstnd Germany. Mud, blood, sorrow, death, sickness, fear, bullets, gas, …it was all there. Like molls the soldiers were digging in the grounds around Ypres, Zillebeke, …. Fighting for what? They did not know and we will never know. They were killed by 10. 000ands. Still we can visit the war memorials of this 'Great War' they called it. Places of great respect for the dead, places of calm and serene silence for the living. Let this be a sounding memorial to all of them. God Bless.

Paul Voet
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