Sixpack 1

for Saxophone Ensemble

for saxophone sextet (alto's) Sixpack is a serie of pieces for six alto saxophones. Also good playable for six soprano saxophones, six tenors or even baritone saxophones. It is also possible to double parts. All pieces are written in a minimal music style. The melody lines are always divided throughout the ensemble. This has the effect that there is no ranking order in the ensemble. Sixpack 1 begins with a chorale melody in which a 4 note melody is exhibited. This melody or parts of it will emerge through the whole piece. In the swinging second part the melody fragments are reduced to only two notes

Johan van der Linden
1 Full Score - 1 Alto Saxophone I - 1 Alto Saxophone II - 1 Alto Saxophone 3 - 1 Alto Saxophone 4 - 1 Alto Saxophone 5 - 1 Alto Saxophone 6
Original Compositions
Complete set: 19.43
Article number: 060909050
Level: 3
Available: yes

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