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Sixpack 5

for Saxophone Ensemble

Door Johan van der Linden type 70 en thema Original Compositions

for saxophone sextet (alto's) and optional group. Sixpack is a serie of pieces for six alto saxophones. Also good playable for six soprano's, six tenor and even baritone saxophones. It is also possible to double each part. The six alto players are on stage, the group players find position in the concerthall. On the sign of conductor the groupplayers play the written notes. Free of choice but play the only once. Timing is not important. You can start much later than the sign but before the next sign and on a free moment in de the bar. The group can consist of every instrument. The notation is not transposed.
Sixpack 5 video

Johan van der Linden
Original Compositions
Complete set: 19.43
Article number: 060913050
Difficulty: 4
Available: yes