for Saxophone Ensemble

Door Johan van der Linden type 70 en thema Original Compositions

The Peul - a people of nomadic pastoralists in West Africa - have a large number of impressive epics. One of their most famous epics is the epic that tells of the violent confrontations between the Peul hero prince Silamaka, 'that shame fears but never afraid of spear and lance,' and the Bamana Prince Da Monzon, the "Ruler of the waters and the people." The friendship between the prince Silamaka and his house slave Puloru here is a recurring theme. It is characterized by deep affection and unconditional loyalty. Silamaka and Puloru is a wonderful example of narrative, rhythmic poetry, and a tribute to the covenant between two men with the empty landscape of desert and savannah.

Johan van der Linden
Original Compositions
Complete set: 19.49
Article number: 060923080
Difficulty: 6
Duration: 435
Available: yes