Enigma Variations

(Variations on an Original Theme)

Door Edward Elgar Geert Schrijvers type 18 en thema Arrangements of Classical Compositions

The identifications of the friends depicted in the variations are as follows: I. Caroline Alice Elgar, his wife. II. Hew David Steuart-Powell, amateur pianist. III. Richard Baxter Townshend, author. IV. W.M. Baker, "country squire, gentleman and scholar." V. Richard P. Arnold, son of Matthew Arnold, amateur pianist. VI. Isabel (not "Ysobel") Fitton, amateur violist. VII. Troyte Griffith, architect, piano student of Elgar. VIII. Winifred Norbury, amateur musician. IX. A. J. Jaeger, office manager at Novello. X. Dora Penny. XI. George Robertson Sinclair, organist of Hereford Cathedral. XII. Basil G. Nevinson, amateur cellist. XIII. Lady Mary Lygon. XIV. Elgar himself (the initials are "a paraphrase of a fond name").

Edward Elgar
Geert Schrijvers
Arrangements of Classical Compositions
Complete set: 436.00
Score: 87.20
Article number: 013099100
Difficulty: 6
Duration: 2100
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