Take-Off - Book 2

Beginner Band Method - Book 2

Door Jan Utbult type 31 en thema Orchestra and Education

A method for beginner wind students, ideal for: – full-class teaching – wind bands – brass bands – ensembles of any size. Any combination of wind instruments. No previous knowledge necessary as the method: – starts at the very beginning – is progressive – can be adapted to the individual pupil or ensemble. Great melodies – modern, catchy and fun to play. Uses a range of just seven easily manageable notes. All tunes are played in unison. Six ‘pit stops’ with musical games and puzzles to help read music, train the hearing and develop a sense of rhythm. Comes with professionally recorded CD to bring the music alive in a teaching situation and for performance.

Jan Utbult
Orchestra and Education
Complete set: 326.08
Score: 30.80
Article number: 775000210
Difficulty: 1
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