Technical Studies for Trumpet

Advanced Technical Studies

The three volumes face all the technical aspects of the trumpet: long notes, slurs, intervals, flexibilities, simple, double and triple tonguing, scales, chords and attack of the notes. It is a gradual approach to the technique of the instrument, based entirely on the seven positions, in order to create the foundation for a complete study of the trumpet. The method is structured in six series: - Elementary Level: Series 1, 2, 3 - Intermediate Level: Series 4, 5 - Advanced Level: Series 6 Each series consists of the same exercises, starting from different harmonic sounds. The study of scales and chords will follow the seven positions on the instrument, so that students will naturally take on the most difficult keys (such as B Maj, F# Maj, etc.) already from Volume 1 (Elementary Level), and as they will study the extension between F#3 to D5 (Series 1, 2, 3), they will be able to play all kinds of scales and arpeggios, reinforcing that range. Through Series 4 and 5 - Volume 2 (Intermediate Level), which introduce a range between C#4 to A5, students will face the same scales and chords in higher notes, playing different keys. Finally, thanks to Series 6 - Volume 3 (Advanced Level), students will play scales and chords in all the keys and with a two octaves extension. After the preliminary exercises about simple, double and triple tonguing, the students will start to use patterns to improve these three kinds of tonguing for each scale and chord present in the three Volumes.

Lorenzo Bocci
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