Weekend in the City

Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Door Naoya Wada type 28 en thema Original Compositions

"Weekend in the City" werd oorspronkelijk gecomponeerd voor solo Tuba en band in 2014. Gecomponeerd in drie delen, "Sunday in the Park", "Nocturne" en "And Weekdays Come Again." De originele bandbegeleidingsversie ging in première op 21 juni, en deze pianobegeleidingsversie op 27 juli, beide door commissaris Yosuke Moriyama. Solo for Piano and Tuba in C, Bb and Eb (Mid Range), Trombone, Euhponium/Baritone and Trumpet. Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone. Other instruments available on article number 060931050 other instruments available on article number 060931050

Naoya Wada
Original Compositions
Complete set: 30.52
Article number: 060931060
Difficulty: 4
Duration: 470
Available: yes