Epic Variants

For Piano and Bass Clarinet

Also available for Solo and Band (013727080)
Epic Variants was commissioned for the 1st clarinet day in Anet (France), not far from La Couture-Boussey where the clarinet was first created.
The work was premiered in 2022 on may 7th by Didier Pernoit, bass clarinet soloist of the « Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France », accompanied by the concert Band of Bû, conducted by the composer.
The work is based on a theme harmonized with strong epic chord progressions, exploiting the whole register of the bass clarinet, from dark low sounds to soft higher notes.
The piece is in one part, but divided in three different moods, each thematic material being a variation from the first one.

Alexandre Carlin
2 Piano - 1 Bass Clarinet
Original Compositions
Complete set: 30.00
Article number: 060934050
Level: 4
Duration: 430
Available: yes

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