ClearVision Superflex Music Stand Lights D-7

Kwantumkorting bij afname minimaal 10 stuks

The price of these double-lights is € 7,95. If you order at least 10 lights at once, You'll pay only € 6,95 apiece. The discount gets even higher if you order at least 25 pieces: Then the price is only € 5,95. With these wireless double music stand lights with two fully adjustable goosenecks you'll have a perfect music stand lighting anywhere. Reading problems, due to bad stage lighting, belong to the past with these magnificent lights. Because these lights are easy to place on or at any surface, they can very well be used as a table lamp, at reading a book in bed or at camping. They are compact and lightweight, so they can easily be taken with you in your instrument case. - 2 pages perfectly lit - a switch for both lights independently - strong clip to attach to a stand or book, but also able to stand alone - luxurious flexible gooseneck - wireless - doesn't get hot - 3x battery 1,5V AAA (not included) - colour: black - extra bright LED

Complete set: 7.95
Article number: 300008011
Available: yes

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