Mini Symphonie

Door Serge Lancen type 43 en thema Original Compositions

This Mini Symphony in three movements (moderato – andantino – allegro) has been commissioned by the Swiss wind band happening 'Festliche Musiktage Uster' in 1967. It was premiered at Uster (Switzerland) on 26 October 1968 by the above mentioned 'Banda Primitiva de Lliria' (Spain). This witty composition was the very first wind band composition which Serge Lancen orchestrated himself, after he had had his first four wind band pieces orchestrated by Désiré Dondeyne. Anyhow, the result is remarkable.

Serge Lancen
Original Compositions
Complete set: 189.09
Score: 29.38
Article number: 011158090
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 505
Available: yes