The Pee-Double U Circus

Door Jef Penders type 43 en thema Original Compositions

Jef Penders has also been tempted to write a circus music wuite. This one has five parts: 1. Grand Entry of the Troupe - all the artists greet the audience in a big welcome parade. 2. The Lippizaner Horses – a therilling dressage act with the splendid famous shite Austrian horses 3. Beaty on the Trapezium – a breathtaking act high above the public. 4. The Elephant Act – like Strawinsky, Penders was inspired by the elegant ballet of the heavy-weights. 5. Round of the Clowns and Finale – the clowns’ pranks make the people laugh. The Grand Finale pleases the ears as well as the eyes.

Jef Penders
Original Compositions
Complete set: 166.80
Score: 27.35
Article number: 012073080
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 681
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