Dean H Jones (b.1976))

From graduating in 1998 at Kingston University with a BA Hons in Music, Dean Haydn Jones has been writing music for publishers ever since.

With now over 150 publications at present to his name and compositions on numerous CDs and DVDs, Dean has enjoyed a successful decade as a frequent contributor of both instrumental and vocal music for artists and publishing houses across the globe.

His piece for brass band entitled Glorifico Aeternum (2003) was performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London in July 2004 and since then, the piece has been performed in major concert halls around the world. Supremacy (2006) was the title track of the International Staff Band’s CD recording in 2007 and pieces such as El es el Senor and Faithful God have also proved popular in the brass band repertoire. Two recent major works, Validus Deus and Vista were recently recorded by the North York Temple Salvation Army band and featured during their UK tour in May 2013.

Dean is married to Emma (2007) and they have 2 young sons (Finlay b.2009 and Harry b.2012) and they reside in Berkshire, England. As a Christian family, they actively attend local church and Dean leads a composite group called Salvation Brass (2008).

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